Jan Stellmach

CEO / Executive Partner

Dani Stellmach

Office Manager

Ivonne Pajunk

Creative Director / Illustrator

Rabia Waraich

Media Designer

Tim Haag

Webdesigner & -developer

Tim Stellmach

IT-System Administrator

Tim Scheer

Apprentice Media Designer Digital and Print

Leon Schippers

Apprentice Media Designer Digital and Print


Our mission is to make the potential of your company visible, and unfold. We do this passionately, reliably, and creatively.

Passionate - in our actions

We believe in the positive power, potential and success of good design.

With passion and passion, people, ideas and companies combine to a successful unity. We make the quality, goals and visions of companies visible. Not only do we want to be part of the world, we want to actively shape and even change it.

Reliable - as a partner for your company

We are the strong and creative partner at the side of your company. We stand for a trusting communication, individual advice and reliability in our actions. With the utmost care, creativity and personal advice, we always work with the goal to build a successful and sustainable business relationship.

The goal of our work is community success and added value. Customer value is always our focus. Through our work we strengthen the image of companies, develop and shape a professional appearance and help to achieve individual goals.

Creative - with heart and mind

Creative work requires an environment in which one can develop freely and freely. Therefore, we not only attach great importance to a personal and trusting partnership with our customers. A family-friendly and familiar working environment, creative freedom and a trusting, harmonious working atmosphere are the key to our success.

Only as a team with common values ​​and goals and in a boat with our customers, we are able to achieve creative highs. Sustainable and purposeful.

Vision & Values

We do not just want to be part of the world, we want to actively shape and even change it.

We live in the age of digitization. Processes are constantly being optimized. The efficiency is increased and the profit maximized.

As employers, employees, parents and families we feel an ever increasing pressure to perform. Our children are measured by consistent standards, our work performance in numbers and tables. The space for individuality and creativity is getting smaller and smaller.

Basic social values ​​in the coexistence of people fall behind today. Social coldness and anonymity are concomitants of digitization, which today is almost inconceivable without us. Often comes the question of the profit before after the benefit.

The good news is that we are not powerless. We do not just want to be part of the world, we want to actively shape and even change it.

Our claim is to offer a fulfilling job with appreciation and a harmonious working atmosphere. Only those who enjoy what they do can develop freely, outgrow themselves and create something special. Creativity and individuality need a free climate to thrive. In addition, a balanced counterpart to the work is enormously important. Leisure, relaxation and enough time for family and friends are crucial factors for us to work successfully. This is especially true for the compatibility of family and work.

Help shape and change the world. We only succeed because our agency is a strong team in which everyone makes an important contribution to the company. Only as a team, at eye level and with our own responsibility for the highest quality and care, we can be successful. As an agency we are as powerful as our employees. They are the core and decisive factor for the success of the company.

The braindinx GmbH - a place where a team of people gather to realize themselves. Not money and wage labor, but creativity and development of one's own potential is the driving force here.


Every path starts with the first step. We are still a relatively young agency - we are proud of every milestone we have reached on our way.


The foundation stone for the braindinx GmbH is laid. The business plan and a logo design take shape.


Foundation and certification of braindinx GmbH in January. In November, the first employee joins the braindinx GmbH team as part of a retraining.


The new company homepage will be published in January. In October, the agency continues to grow and a companion comes on board. Ivonne Pajunk joins the team.


braindinx GmbH becomes a member of the Institute for Customer Satisfaction and a recognized training company of the IHK Aachen.


Tim Scheer becomes part of the team after a successful internship. Fay Alturk has been accompanying us as an FOS trainee since August. Tim Stellmach will become the IT system administrator in September


Introduction of flexitime at the beginning of the year. Reinforcement for the web team, Tim Haag joins us and Rabia Waraich joins the graphic design team.