5 years braindinx GmbH – thanks to the team

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braindinx Thank You 5 Jahre Team

We celebrate 5 years of braindinx GmbH

On January 5th, 2015 braindinx GmbH officially started with the first agency day. Today we are 5 years old. A very important key to this success are our customers and partners, whom we have been able to accompany for the past 5 years. We wouldn’t be here today without you.

There is still an essential key to the success of braindinx GmbH. The team that constantly faces new challenges and forms the basis for the success of the agency.

You have reached so many milestones, contributed to changes and faced countless challenges in the past 5 years. I would therefore like to use the anniversary to say thank you once again. And because a lot is happening behind the scenes, it’s a good opportunity to do it publicly:

Thanks Dani Stellmach . Without you, I would probably never have dared to move to my own agency. We went this way together and the success of the last 5 years proves us right. You have the numbers under control and give so many important impulses. You make the agency a little bit better every day. And you keep my back so often that I can often leave more energy in the agency than I should have. Thank you for our wonderful children and your support in all ways.

Thanks Ivonne Pajunk . You are the loyal companion and head the print department with calm and prudence. I often push you out of the comfort zone – but this is exactly where you develop your potential. With CORE we grew together and we also mastered the switch to the Creative Suite. You enrich the agency – day by day.

Thanks Tim Haag . You bring the professionalism to the web department that we have always wanted there. You are not satisfied with OK, you want at least 100%. You give the agency rough edges where we have become a little too clean. And, of course, you are responsible for an incredible number of Tims in the team. You develop the agency’s digital potential.

Thanks Tim Stellmach . Without you, we would probably have been desperate with IT. You maintain order in the server structure and clean up where others have caused chaos. Thank you for taking up the challenge and mastering it really fantastic. I am incredibly happy that this important area is largely family-related.

Thanks Rabia Waraich . You have decided not to give up and continue to try to gain a foothold in the design industry. You enrich the team with passion and a good dose of sarcasm. You support Ivonne very well and take a lot of weight off her shoulder. Thank you for walking the path with us.

Thanks Tim Scheer . If I used as many words as you usually do, I would have finished after the first point 😉 But that’s not a bad thing, because even if you don’t say many words, you think about your part and these thoughts already enrich ours Agency. Thank you as a trainee for being part of the next generation of braindinx GmbH.

Thanks Leon Schippers . Your thoughts, ideas and impulses enrich the agency. For you, the challenge is exactly the opposite. Short and sweet can be just as difficult as detailed and verbose. You are already part of the next generation of braindinx GmbH.

Thanks Sarah Priddy . You, too, are part of the family and we are pleased that you are tidying up the agency behind the scenes and thus making a very important contribution to well-being at braindinx GmbH.

The numerous interns who have accompanied us over the past five years have also contributed to the agency’s success. We were able to pass on a lot, but we also learned a lot. We are still in contact with some of you. And then there is Tim Scheer’s story, which started with us as an intern before becoming a temporary worker and then an apprentice. We are still in contact with many others and are always happy to hear from you.

An agency can only be as strong as the people behind it. Together with you, it is always a pleasure to grow and to tackle new challenges.

I’m looking forward to an exciting year 2020 with you!

For the next 5 years!

Let’s tackle it!